Our team: Erica Lynn, John Corbett & Ruby Dirks


Do you plan to grow your business? If so, how do you intend to communicate your unique value in a way that distinguishes your company from the competition? Our world-class content development program will change the way that you target high value leads. We can furnish you with a comprehensive advantage that is utterly unique in your market:

  • TARGETED LEADS: By producing engaging, relevant project content, you target the specific concerns of the qualified Client, doing research in Google.

  • QUALIFIED, EDUCATED LEADS: By making transparent your methods, mission and value, your website can do the tedious work of qualifying Clients for you.

  • BRANDING: Leverage your unique value and experience to resonate with qualified website visitors for ideal Client matchups.

  • RECRUITMENT & RETENTION: Make visible your company culture of problem solving excellence to attract qualified applicants. Recognize excellence and retain high performers.

  • SALES TOOLS: Show and tell, as close as your smart phone. Onsite staff will have access to relevant project content, in order to educate and sell Clients on particular solutions, in real time.

  • PERFORMANCE METRICS: The ultimate metric is leads that turn into profitable projects, but by monitoring visitor traffic and keyword ranking, we can tell how close we are to that goal.

You can make your company #1 for high end residential renovation, in your footprint. And yes, we can prove it. We look forward to hearing your questions about our qualifications, methods and performance.


"John Corbett was a lifesaver, he turned our website into a reliable lead producer. Now it’s our main source of clients.” -John Learnard, Color Alchemist Company of Painters
Client since 2009.

"I don’t care about hits, I care about leads that turn into projects. This website has paid for itself many times over because Corbett Research Group took the trouble to understand our clients.” -William Gould, William Gould Architectural Preservation
Client since 2003.

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